The CX was launched at the Paris Salon in 1974. As a replacement for the venerable DS the CX was expected to be as big a leap over as that car was over its predecessor, the Traction, but in the event, it was evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Its appearance, strongly influenced by some Pininfarina proposals for BMC,  was not unlike a on GS steroids, it inherited its power plants from the DS and its steering from the SM.

Suspension was the well proven hydropneumatic system.  It did however represent a considerable advance over its predecessor in terms of offering similar levels of accommodation in a more compact and more aerodynamic package - indeed its name,CX is the French acronym for coefficient of air resistance or CD.

The CX won the Car Of The Year Award in January 1975 - the same year that the Birotor and SM were dropped from production. Peugeot were now at the helm.

To many Citroen fans the CX was the last of the true Citroens as all later models had the Peugeot controlling hand in their design.

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CX Production Timeline

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