These files will open but as they are large give them plenty of time.

However if you do not want to download them I do have copies on CD that I am happy to copy and post to you.

If you require copies contact me throught the "Contact" page and I will get them to you.


CX Parts Manual 1981 - 1985 Large File

CX Parts 81-85.pdf CX Parts 81-85.pdf
Size : 45293.871 Kb
Type : pdf

CX Parts Manual 1979 - 1981. Large file. 

CX Parts 79-81.pdf CX Parts 79-81.pdf
Size : 40368.406 Kb
Type : pdf

CX Series 1 Workshop Manual 

CX Manual S1 vol1.pdf CX Manual S1 vol1.pdf
Size : 23057.683 Kb
Type : pdf

CX Series 2 Workshop Manual  

CX Manual S2.pdf CX Manual S2.pdf
Size : 63399.73 Kb
Type : pdf