Neil's Turbo 2. Recently purchased from Tauranga. Apparently  he had an itch that had to be sorted. Here is Neil's page.  Apparently the engine bay was full of rat scat and the interior of dog hair etc etc etc. BUT it is all worth it to get a Turbo2. We look forward to following Turbo2 developments.
Loaded up on a trailer and ready for her trip from Tauranga to Auckland. During level 4 September 2021
Her new home. Now the challenges begin.. Have fun Neil!
Stage 1. Neil has been very busy giving his Turbo 2 a good clean and a service. What a great looking car he has.
October 6 2021
Stripping out the interior. As is not uncommon with CX’s, mine has suffered from water ingress saturating the thick foam carpet underlay, causing the foot wells to rust. Fortunately, this one isn’t too bad so it’s off to the panel beater to get the floor tidied up. I’m considering installing some sort of additional sound deadening material while the interior is gutted?

                                                                        THE FETTLING BEGINS.
The Workshop

The sunroof: a common area for rust in a CX. The sliding panel fully rebuilt, as well as the roof opening

Left front sills: another rust prone area for a CX, and this one was no exception.
Cutting out somebody else’s ‘handy work’, and welding in the new steel.
More evidence of someone else’s handy work being cut out and new steel welded in. The left sill is now finished.

Right front guard rain channel. Rust pitting sandblasted, cut out, repair patches welded in and seam sealed.