If you would like your CX to feature here please email me up to six photos and a brief description of your CX.
Now owned by Danny who is breathing new life into her.

Lindsay Thorburn's CX GTI Manual from the South Island.

1977 CX 2200 Pallas.

Owned by Andy Cumming in Australia.

I'm the fourth owner. Car bought on the Internet in December last year and shipped to me in Queensland, Australia. Car was fish oiled from new and the first two owners took good care of the car. The third owner used the car sparingly but let it go downhill . I m the fourth owner and love the car. All mechanicals repaired or replaced and now the car is astounding. 

Len's Series 1 Turbo, all the way from the UK. 

1988 CX 25 GTI Automatique

Owned by Rosemary and Roger Simpson. Previous owners Phil and Lois Taylor.

This CX started life in Australia before crossing the ditch to New Zealand with the assistance of an Auckland lawyer. However he was soon to purchase a very nice Bristol and the CX found herself in long term storage.

Eventually the car was sold to Phil Taylor in rural Waikato, so it was off to the farm.

Phil had been a CX fanatic for many years and this car filled the void after the departure of his Series 1 2.5 GTI.

The car has now moved back to the city life and is part of the Pallas Cars wedding cars fleet.

Unfortunately the owner of the beautiful CX had an unfortunate accident in this Car. This much loved CX  was written off. The owner tried his very best to buy the car back from the insurance company but with no luck. It was sold at auction and has now disappeared. Has anyone seen it?

1987 CX GTI Manual.

Proudly owned by Jeremy and Carol Adams.

More detail and photos to come soon.

Neil's Turbo 2. Recently purchased from Tauranga. Apparently  he had an itch that had to be sorted. He will soon have his own page so we can follow the improvements to the car. Apparently the engine bay was full of rat scat and the interior of dog hair. BUT it is all worth it to get a Turbo2.