Things have been quiet for some time now. My health has continued to be somewhat below par ever since I had the accident in my CX GTI.

Things are slowly on the improve and I can now sit at my computer.  The big challenge for me now is to remember how to work this website editor! A bit of a challenge when one is in one's 76th year . However after a frustrating few hours I think that I have it sorted. Time will tell!

I would like to call out to all CX owners here in the Shaky Isles ( does that avoid politics?) to share your CX on the site . Just send your CX photos and stories to me and I will include them. Have you any photos of CX's at the annual rallies? If so please send them to me.

Neil, a local jet jockey, has answered my call. He has recently purchased two, yes two CXGTI Turbos both of which require a bit of fettling. You can follow his trials tribulations, CX style, under Restorations.


- Neil's restorations
- A brochure or 2 coming
- A cry out to all NZ CX owners to send pictures and    written material to me.
- If you know of any CX for sale let me know, details    and pictures if possible
Do you purchase parts for your CX from the various parts suppliers in foreign lands?
Do you have fun dealing with your bank making the payments for your purchases?
I have found a very simple and cost effective way to make international payments and you can do it all from your computer.

Check these folk out:

An article on the CX 40th that was printed in the NZ Herald.

Click on the image to see the article.

                             HOW CAN I GET THE EXACT PRODUCTION DATE OF MY CX? 

Getting the correct date of manufacture for your CX can be a trial.

If your car is NZ new then there is a 99% chance that NZ registration records ( available from will be correct. However this may be incorrect if your car was directed here from another country eg Australia or the UK or if was privately imported.

The only 100% accurate way of establishing the date is to use the ORCA number.

You will find this number painted on the front side of the left hand suspension strut ( as long as the guard has not been replaced). You may have to encourage the wiring loom to move to see the number.

Then visit this website:, enter your ORCA number and up will come the exact production date of your CX.

However this only applies to models built after  01 Jan. 1980.

Are you in the process of restoring or refurbishing a CX?

If so please feel free to share the highs and lows with us. Just email your story and pictures to me.