A friend and I acquired two blue 1987 GTIs at a very low price, several years ago. One an automatic and one a 5 speed manual. As we followed the tow truck back to the Shed I was to sufferer the first of several medical events that have kept me away from the shed for a number of years and resulted in the cessation of getting my DS21 IE restoration finished as well as getting my 1987 BX GTI and either of the brace of CX's back on the road, To make things just a wee bit challenging ( something I could really do without) both of the CX GTIs had been de-registered. 
The Auto has dual air conditioning but not the lovely hounds tooth upholstery. The windows in the rear doors  manual wind up. WHAT WAS CITROEN THINKING?
The vehicle under the cover is my reasonably low ks BX GTI 8 valve awaiting minor rust repairs to the fire wall.
Some shots of the CX GTI Automatique before she was pushed away in to a dark and dusty corner of the shed. I had to do this several times to dry out the interior which was very wet, carpets especially. Yes head lining was destroyed by the water and possibly carpets as well. Click on an image to get a larger image.
She has been moved around the Shed several times but here she is, finally in the work area. The white shrouded object is a fully rebuilt DS 21 Fuel injected engine that is once again out of the engine bay of my DS 21 Pallas restoration. A very long story.
She is a bit dusty as she has been outside my Shed area for a year or two. Washing the car is not possible at the moment. The front of the car is in good condition, no accident damage. The engine runs perfectly and the auto has done less than 1000k since a full rebuild
Rust damage under the left rear window. Getting a panel beater out to the shed is a real problem.  I need to know  the costs of putting this right.
Rust damage right rear. In its past someone drilled holes in the roof to fit a roof rack. Since removed and the holes filled. Now it leaks! This repair to the roof could be uneconomical to put right.   Why would anyone do this?